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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 2, 2013 8:00pm-8:42pm PDT

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use if there's anything that improves magic, it's math. the only thing he taught us was how to subtract kids from a party. ♪ >> pam: redwood city police looking for a man they say tried to lure a middle school student into his car. authorities released this suspect sketch. they say this man was in a mid-sized black pick-up truck when he drove up to a male student who was on his way to class at kennedy middle school yesterday. >> pam: police say the suspect then asked the victim if he "wanted some weed" and tried to get the student to get into his truck. the victim said no and ran to the main office where he reported the incident. parents used the opportunity to talk to their children about safety around strangers. >> yes we had the conversation yesterday as soon as we found out when we picked come up he is aware of what to do and is hoping that we can catch this guy. >> we just try to tell them not to talk to strangers if you do not know anyone.
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just to walk away and go find someone else from the school and tell them. >> pam: the redwood city police has increased patrols in the area and other redwood city schools in light of the incident. >> pam: new at 8. >> pam: most oakland residents finds still think that city is a good place to live. but they are not happy with mayor jean quan. and will likely not re-elect her. >> pam: as kron 4's dan kerman tells us, those are some of the result of a new poll conducted by the oakland chamber of commerce. >> reporter:crime continues to be a major concern in oakland. so much so, more than half of the 500 likely voters polled say they feel less safe than they did a year or two ago. and despite that, the majority of those polled. some 70%. still think oakland is either an
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excellent or good place to live. the news is not good though for mayor jean quan. asked about her overall job performance. 45% say she is doing a poor job. >> reporter:and if the election were held today, 46% say they would definitely vote for someone else. 23% said they would probably vote for someone else. and only 5 % say they would definitely vote to re- elect quan. the city council doesn't get off easy either. a whopping 75% feel the council is doing a fair or poor job. >> reporter: with those numbers it's no surprise that 47% of those polled feel as if things in the city of oakland are on the wrong track. in a statement mayor jean quan said the poll highlights the concern and frustration that many residents have with crime. and she says she shares that frustration but feels the city is making progress with its crime fighting efforts. >> reporter:quan did not directly address her declining support. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> reporter:tesla says it appears that a fire that engulfed one of its sporty
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model s electric cars in seattle resulted from damage caused by a collision. video of the fire has been posted online. firefighters say in an incident report that the car fire appeared to be extinguished but then reignited, leading them to dismantle the front end of the vehicle. they used a jack to lift the vehicle and a circular saw to gain access to the burning battery pack.shares of tesla motors inc. fell more than 6 percent wednesday after an internet video showed flames spewing from the vehicle. >> they used a check to lift the vehicle and circular saw to gain access to the burning battery pack. tesla's this appears the fire was caused by damage to a collision. >> jacqueline: warmer out there today as expected even the low 80s briefly for portions of far inland valleys with 81 degrees and
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santa rosa and in the south bay we were in the '70s with 76 in sunnyvale and san jose. we will see a big shift in the patterns as the radar satellite shows a storm passing. as the storm continues to move to the east the dry and warm winds will raise our temperatures and gore are humidity spirit very gusty conditions why fire dame at danger is expected over the next couple of days. the five- year five-year fire danger >> reporter: involving
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billions to the responsibility of the death of king popped up, michael jackson. but the answer coming up. >>""we're through playing these little games. it's all focused on obamacare. that's all its all about./ the president reiterated one more time tonight that he will not negotiate." >> pam: day two of a government shutdown. we'll tell you where negotiations stand right now.
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>> reporter:the jury in the michael jackson wrongful death trial has reached a verdict. the question: was the promoter of michael jackson's comeback concert responsible for hiring the doctor who killed him? >>their answer - no. >> reporter:katherine jackson sought to hold aeg live responsible for her son's death, arguing that it hired dr. conrad murray to be the singer's physician without considering whether he was fit for the job. opening statements in the case - here's the verdict being read. and the jury's reaction. >> we had to focus on. >> reporter:aeg live denied any wrongdoing and said it was jackson who hired murray. murray was convicted in 2011 of involuntary manslaughter after giving jackson the overdose as he prepared for a series of comeback shows. >> reporter:the jackson family was seeking billions of dollars in damages. pam? still ahead on kron 4 news. >> pam: strip-searched and left naked.
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who one woman is suing. and what she says happened following a dui arrest. >> pam: woman says how life without her father will never be the same.
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gabe slate tech report (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >>waste of time/reprehensible/stupidity on steroids/where the hell is the commander in chief?
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>> pam: congress doing what it seems to do best. pointing fingers, as the government shutdown enters a second day. right now there is no sign of a break in the impasse. president obama met with congressional leaders this afternoon, in an effort to gain passage of a budget bill , without the republican= backed amendments de=funding obamacare. the president also cutting short an upcoming trip to asia. the deadlock has left tens of thousands of federal workers scrambling to pay their bills. kron 4's catherine heenan reports. >> catherine: political debate. for federal workers, it's a matter of dollars and cents. i've still got to put food on the table. i still gotta pay my bills." >>i won't be able to pay by gas and electric bills like i expected if this goes on long enough i will be on the street
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>> catherine: barred from their offices, they are furious >>everyone is angry genuine frustration ya think? yeah i am upset. >>a little numb >>i am not essential >> catherine: and in washington state, the furloughs take a terrible twist. army nurse naani king was not furloughed, she was forced to stay at work even though she desperately needed the day off. king was scheduled for a see if she has uterine cancer. but she was told if she took the sick day she'd be put on the furloughed list. >>"i know that i'm not getting a paycheck. i know that i'm not getting my answer about my biopsy. >> catherine: her message to congres: >>do the job you were sent
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>> reporter: pleading guilty to d.u.i. in july following her arrest back in may. people are commenting on our facebook page petty says illinois state losses only female officers can be strip search on female spirit those cops did not know that they should be fired for stupidity. >> i think is violating and does not the crime. dui offenders should face the harsh punishments but not
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this. >> do not drive dropped three times the legal limit and then they would have she could have killed someone. which she did not. we always want your controversy all stories. long gone to kron 4 fan page and join the conversation. >> pam: still ahead-- no dogs allowed. catches some people breaking the rules. we'll show you where. in the next edition of people behaving badly. plus: a road rage incident caught on video. showing a family attacked by a group of bikers. now, one of the men who witnessed it says, it's not what it looks like. an important programming note. kron 4 will be airing the raiders - chargers game this sunday night at eight - 30. >> pam: we'll have all the pre-game excitement, along with our kron 4 news starting at 8 p-m. immediately following the game, we'll have a newscast and post-game show with highlights. all with kron four sports director gary radnich.
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>> jacqueline: we will be showing the raiders game on sunday. the weather will be actually nice with clear skies and mild temperatures temperatures will be ranging from the upper 60s to lower 70's. pre-game show at kron4 at the clock so, the weather will be nice. caught on video.
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>> pam: a pilot road rage incident call on video. violentnew tonight. a motorcyclist who witnessed the confrontation between an s-u-v driver and a gang of bikers in new york says he is blaming the driver of the suv.
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>> pam: investigators are still trying to piece together what has happened. >>"the driver was a maniac./"accident is an accident. if something happens, you stop right there it's an accident. you think and stop. you dont keep reacting on." >> pam: investigators are trying to the video that's gone viral online. should motorcyclist, who is seen in the video hitting the suv's >> pam: a law enforcement official said a witness told investigators the biker may have actually been trying to help the suv driver. >> pam: other bikers beat the driver up, after smashing the suv window and dragging him out. >> pam: that was the end of a wild series of events, that started with the suv hitting one biker and later running over a few more, in an apparent attempt to get away. >> pam: this man has
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something to that's it for the kron 4 a black toyota camry and ran him over and fremont boulevard. then took off. the dog did have on an amateur but the accident crushed him and put him in it, or 11 days. still in the hospital and it wasn't until this week that he was able to tried to walk again. news at 8. even then he will probably not be the same. stay
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connected with kron 4 leaving behind her job and her husband of just four months her dad does not even remember the wedding. and get latest news he was there we did the family daughter did the father ordered danson did all of the classic thing spirit developments at or the driver that hid her dad has not turned himself or herself in and corporate >> reporter: in fremont justine waldman kron 4 news.
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> reporter: this man has something to hide. funny called me a name but i am not the one breaking the rules. wake i do not think that he is down with me yet. so what are deciding at >> because you are filming me. >> reporter: and his 32nd minutes i was able to find a plethora of dogs just kicking at at the farmers' market.
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>> reporter: this is down but she is not a service box either. serve this doc either. real >> reporter: service dogs are trained to go on demand. >> reporter: security act heard about her dog and all she would do is confirm that she it was her dog. >> reporter: so huge is brought your dog to the farmers' market. >> reporter: then it was this lady... >> people behaving badly, this is what this is? >> reporter: for the record, trained circus dogs do not sniffed the ground looking for something to eat. >> reporter: something to
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>> jacqueline: the test plans are from 25 to 45 mi. per hour. the stronger went season with high fire danger loring are humidities and warming temperatures and dry conditions and gusty winds are all recipes for at high fire danger. from tomorrow morning until saturday morning temperatures will be morning into the 80 degree readings for the north bay and south bay and in the belly spirit as we head into the weekend warmer friday and saturday by saturday to win the gold
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jindal (male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary: we will have the raiders and san diego chargers so you will have a great double header. crime
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will have the raiders immediately following the 49er game. you will see tyrrell prior after suffering concussion and nine days ago against the broncos. he passed the concussion protocol ready to go sunday night! >> taking very cautious steps for me which is pretty short term monday to sunday looking out for my best interest. >> gary: the nation is blocked out in washington and nbc. dc!
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>> we have the exclusive of and since it is a government shutdown will we have to still pay taxes? >> know we should not have to give taxes however, you know that they would want their money anyway. >> gary: tired of being fined and all of the things that goes with it. dante with nasa is now addressing or acts to be addressed as dante hit near paris. dante hitner. lead with his shoulder pads and not helmet to helmet.
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>> they calming down take hits an hour anyway and sell along with other fats in some recede recent incidents i will be changing my name. >>they call me dante hitner anyway! sp, so, with that abd and recent incidents- call me dante hitner!
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>> gary: they do not want that to pay they do not want to contact any they do not want dante hitner to hit them! >> jacqueline: if you were a good actor john do you think they care if you have an allergy and all get up and start talking. >> gary: for the american
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league play off against detroit on friday night as pants they go crazy when you get into the post season. low-key and the regular season and but look out when they stop post season >> they're expecting 10,000 more people which is a lot more people. they are very, very loud. >> gary: confined to a wheelchair since the age of seven he is now the greatest wheelchair extreme athlete in the world.
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>> i've always tried to keep up with my friend's riding on their bikes. it has always been a positive thing. >> gary: are you scared at all? i accept any athlete especially when it comes to extreme sports. >> the scariest part is at the top of the rent all of your nerves are building up. a once you go over you are having a lot more fun. >> pam: amazing (crying) ! we will see you at 11 female announcer: save up to 35% female announcer: on a huge selection of clearance mattresses. get two years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic.
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the worst criminal offenders are pursued by the detectives of the major case squad. these are their stories. don't you put me off, bernard. i've been trying to reach you all morning. i can't do this over the phone. i'm coming down to the city... yes, it's that important.
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the prototype just arrived. you should be very proud. gloria, i... i've got to go home. kid emergency and i... i'll see you tomorrow. man: americans always panic. don't patronize me. this is potentially ruinous to both of us. who else knows? she didn't say. my impression is it's new information. i don't think she told anybody else. will she take money?


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